Michael & Amberley Fischer

Church Name: Neighbourhood Church, Medicine Hat

Launch Date: September 2013

Church Type: Full-time / Self-Governing

“We are located in the heart of the city’s downtown area. Our main vibe comes from the arts community, and our desire is to bring people together from all parts of our city to transform it for Jesus.”

Tyson & Evie Howells

Church Name: City South Church, Edmonton

Launch Date: January 2012

Church Type: Full-time / Self-Governing

“We are church that is strong in community and have many young families. Many of these families are new to faith, had a nominal Christian background, or were hurt by the church in the past and have found their way back.”

Daniel & Teresa Jackson

Church Name: Infuzed Ministries, Alexis Reserve

Launch Date: June 2014

Church Type: Full-time

“Missions does not necessarily need to be overseas. Our mission is to minister to the Alexis Reserve community right in our own ‘backyard’.”

Daryl Martin
George Sarofim

Church Name: Medicine Hat Arabic Christian Church, Medicine Hat

Launch Date: November 2016

Church Type: Bi-Vocational / Self-Governing

“Those that attend are made up of immigrants and refugees from all over the Arabic speaking world. Most are from South Sudan, a few from Egypt, Syria and Iraq. Before attending this Arabic Christian Church they may have attended a Coptic, Orthodox, Catholic or Evangelical in their home country.”

Boniface & Happy Mgonja

Church Name: Calvary Revival Church, Edmonton

Launch Date: February 2017

Church Type: Bi-Vocational / Self-Governing

“Our services are lively, joyous and passionate. We believe, beyond doubt, that when our praises go up and touch the heavens, the glory of God comes down and He reveals himself to his people in special ways.”

Cyriaque & Vivine Ngenzebuhoro

Church Name: Calgary Revival Church, Calgary

Launch Date: June 2013

Church Type: Full-time / Self-Governing

“Our church mainly consists of multicultural families. No matter where a person is in life, we will lend a hand to figure out the next step in their journey with Jesus.”

Derek & Shawndra Sheahan

Church Name: Advance Church, Calgary

Launch Date: September 2017

Church Type: Bi-Vocational / Self-Governing

“We want to be a life-giving church in our growing community. We want everyone to be loved when they enter the doors to our service, to believe the truth of the message they hear, and to feel that they belong as part of our family.”

Innocent Sezibera

Church Name: Goshen Christan Assembly, Edmonton

Launch Date: March 2012

Church Type: Full-time / Self-Governing

“Our Mission is to Preach the Gospel to all Nations, To glorify God through lives transformed in Jesus Christ. Since the church planting, we have seen many new believers, mostly from East and Central Africa, giving their lives to Christ.”

Lorne & Shauna-Lee Young

Church Name: Discovery Church, Edmonton

Launch Date: September 24, 2017

Church Type: Full-time / Self-Governing

“We believe that if we create a place where people can openly discover Jesus, hence the name Discovery Church, there is no way that they won’t believe in Him. In our opinion God has brought together some of Edmonton’s top Christian leaders to be a part of our dream team. With God in our corner we just have to be willing to obey and the rest we leave up to HIM.”