“Take the leap” was the hook line for the first message that Pastor Lorne Young preached at his church plant, Discovery Church, in Edmonton on Sunday, September 24.

Married just over eight years, Pastor Lorne and his wife Shauna-lee, with their daughter, Sophia, and one more on the way, had the vision to start church planting while pastoring at Evangel Church in South Edmonton.

“We felt the best way to allow people to discover truth and purpose was through launching a new life-giving church… if we can create a community that seeks truth, people will find Jesus, and only then can we experience the purpose we are created for,” Lorne said in interview.

Walking through the doors of Nellie Carlson School, it was brimming with almost 400 community members, locals, volunteers and children. The place was electric with energy for the big launch day.

Once in the gymnasium, you wondered whether you had been transported to a concert arena. The fact you were standing in a school gym was nearly unrecognizable. With a setup crew of over forty people, everyone had clearly defined rolls and schedules. “It is all very well organized,” said one volunteer.

No matter who you talked to, there was one thing in common—everyone was excited about the potential of this new church. Those in leadership loved the structure and vision of the church planting model and many interviewed said they jumped at the opportunity to get involved. Others that day came out of curiosity, “church shopping” and looking for a place they could truly call home.

As my visit was ending, I approached a young couple standing against a wall outside, as “dream team” members packed up leftover hotdog buns and chips nearby. I asked them why they came to church that day, and they said they were personally invited by Lorne and Shauna-lee. Their kids go to school together, and they had never been to church before. With a smile on their face, they said, “it’s been really good” and told me they have every intention to keep coming back.

Reaching the community is why Lorne and Shauna-lee “took the leap” of starting this church. “Nearly 300,000 people in the city of Edmonton do not associate with any religion… [that] is 300,000 people that need to know they have a choice that could bring truth and purpose.” As the PAOC District, we are supporting what Pastor Lorne and Shauna-lee are doing to reach their community, and we ask that you would too.  You can back this couple’s vision for transforming their community through your prayer, encouragement, or finances.

Carissa Allen

Carissa Allen

Carissa works as Executive Assistant for Church Planting (CP2020) at the PAOC ABNWT District Office and enjoys event planning, web design, and ristretto vanilla lattes.
Carissa Allen

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